Writing Effective Administrative Policies

Writing Effective Administrative Policies

What are Perfect Policies?

Writing administrative policies, directives, and other rule-setting documents is not easy.

If your employees aren't following your rules, often non-compliance can be directly attributed to confusion around poorly drafted requirements. Too often simple rules are laced with non-essential information and ambiguous wording.

The problem is further compounded by unnecessarily aggressive language. In an attempt to increase the level of compliance, the tone can range from urging up to bullying—or even threatening. None of these approaches is effective. Poorly written policies send out unintended messages.

Well-written policy documents are clear, concise, and respectful.

We can help you update your administrative policies, directives, and guidelines to be just that.

About the Instructor

Lewis S Eisen headshot Perfect Policies

Lewis S. Eisen

Trainer • Speaker • Author • Consultant

Lewis S. Eisen, founder of Perfect Policies, has over 30 years’ experience working with information management technology.

He has been a practicing lawyer, an IT systems manager, and has worked with Information Management in the Government of Canada for the past 12 years, including

  • Drafting the Government of Canada’s Information Management policy instruments
  • Teaching Information Management at the Canada School of Public Service
  • Acting as Director of Corporate Integrated Records Service at a Government of Canada department, and
  • Working as a Senior Information Management Analyst at the Bank of Canada.

In addition, over those 30 years, Lewis has taught thousands of professionals across North America to be more productive using desktop technology. His workshops are extremely well-received and he is a frequent speaker at conferences across the country.

He is well-published, with several books and numerous articles to his name, including the leading text Respectful Policies and Directives: How to Write Rules that People Want to Follow.



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