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Perfect Policies Services

We work with you to


Office policy long wrongyour current policy suite. We’ll show you whether your policy documents are as

  • clear
  • concise
  • respectful
  • discoverable
  • navigable
  • effective

as they could be.


you on what it will take to improve them. We’ll show you

  • what you need to fix
  • how much time it might take
  • what skills will be required
  • what benefits you should expect

so you can make some decisions on where to focus your efforts.


Office policy shorter rightyour staff. We’ll show you how to write and organize policy documents properly, including

  • what goes where
  • what to leave out
  • what to add in
  • how to write it respectfully

so they can continue the good work after we’re done.

Lewis S. Eisen

Lewis has over 35 years’ experience in law, technology, government, and adult education.

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